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SA | Tatiana | Herd Meme by BlueUnicornJ13 SA | Tatiana | Herd Meme by BlueUnicornJ13
+14 AP (4 FVR transferred to AP) for Tatiana and +15 CS


One of Tatiana's favorite games to play is Pretend, so of course, she'd imagine herself as a leader of her own herd once or twice ;D

Selene Herd
Government: Dictatorship (Tatiana wants everyone to happy and do exactly as she says 8D)
Values: Peace/Friendship
Herd Colors: Turquoise/White
Herd Symbol: A moon with holes that represent stars

Leader Attire: Tatiana loves to dress up in pieces of cloth that she finds laying around and put on some of her mother's fancy jewelry, so naturally, her pretend-leader self would have pretty drapes and gold jewelry.

Map: A crescent shaped continent with rainforests in the innermost parts of the land and seashell-littered beaches on the outskirts. A coral reef with a bountiful amount of sea organisms creates a shallow bay on one side of the continent. The capital city resides on the northern most tip of the continent with beautiful views of the ocean and shore.

Mythical Familiar: Fairy Dragon- A small stature dragon that lives in the jungles. They are typically very friendly in nature and do not mind being tamed by the equines that wish to share their homes with them. They collect small, sparkly objects and are so small in stature that they are often drink from the dew that forms on plants. Their scale patterns and wings are normally spotted to help them camouflage in the forested habitat they are found in. 

Herd's god: Virgil- God of Air
(also the most ungodly looking god there ever was)
Blessings: Wing Generation, Weather Control, and Invisibility
Personality: Stoic, Heroic, Strong-willed/Powerful, Compassionate

Tatiana and art belong to BlueUnicornJ13
Meme belongs to Starborn-Alignment 
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March 20, 2017
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